Roome: A Motion Detecting Smart Lamp

Roome is the smart lamp you never knew you needed. Using motion-sensor technology, Roome can sense when you need light and when it should save its energy. It even considers light intensity so you’ll always be satisfied with how bright your room is at any given time. What’s so impressive about Roome is the hand gesture detection. To adjust the brightness of your lamp, you just hover your hand over it and raise it up or down. Once you’ve reached your desired brightness, you simply hold your hand there for one second to lock it. Passing your hand over the light horizontally will turn it on or off – no touch required! If you’re not close enough to your Roome to do that, you can use the mobile app to adjust the settings how you please. It even has the option of sound-detection to turn on if it hears a loud noise, then will turn itself off again once it’s quiet. Roome gets even more helpful when you choose to use it as a mobile charging station. It has two USB ports at the base to charge your phone or tablet while you’re busy. The physical design of Roome is nothing to be forgotten, either. The modern-looking product will suit your home, whether you prefer minimalistic designs or not. Every curve was intentional, making it pleasing to the user’s eye. The simple white color makes Roome look clean and bright, just like the light it provides. Roome is powered by a typical A/C power outlet, which means you’ll never have to worry about replacing a battery at the worst of times. Its data analysis helps to understand when it should be on and off in just a few days! If you want to see what Roome can do to light up your home, check out its Kickstarter page here!

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