RoomBox: Modular Camper Car Kit

RoomBox is a modular, easy to install camper car kit that makes camping a lot comfortable, easy and hassle free. Inspired by the concept of the Swiss Army knife that folds multi-functional tools in to a compact and sleek package, the RoomBox can be smartly folded into a suitcase. roombox-camper-car-kit_02 Within 5 minutes your car can transform into a camper device suitable for sleeping, cooking and eating. This comfortable micro home comes handy and is suitable for easy installation in most cars. RoomBox-Modular-Camper-Car-Kit-02 The installation of the bed and table is easy and quick, with the main base placed in the boot of the car while the front of the bed is supported by a suspension system that helps in adjusting and adapting to the inside width of your vehicle. RoomBox-Modular-Camper-Car-Kit-03 Like Lego pieces, the camping gear fits in easily whether it is a car or van. The retractable system with the double bed and table can be conveniently folded into a suitcase of dimensions 100cm X 49cm with a thickness of 12cm or, 120cm X 49cm X 12 cm for the van model. RoomBox-Modular-Camper-Car-Kit-04 Apart from being unique in style and design, this micro motor home system is highly comfortable and enables the adjustment of the bed, tables and the kitchen to be perfectly levelled and aligned, even if the vehicle is parked on a slope. RoomBox-Modular-Camper-Car-Kit-05 When folded into a compact suitcase the RoomBox weighs only 29 kg for the car model and 41 kg for the van model. It is featured with wheels to make the transportation of the kit to the car effortless and smooth. You can even take this car camper on the plane. The folded suitcase can be checked in as luggage on most airlines. RoomBox-Modular-Camper-Car-Kit-06-600x428 Besides being easy it is also safe to travel as is made of one of the most durable and strong materials: Kraft paper. This material is impregnated with a special resin and then hot compressed thereby making it water and moisture resistant. Suitable for those who are looking for security from weather and wildlife. Besides this modular kit also gives you that extra bit of privacy and luxury. roombox-modular-camper-car-kit-07 Video:

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