Room In Room With Security, Warmth, And Comfort

The amount of light in the room can massively affect your sleep quality; it affects your biological clock and sleeping cycle. Blackout Room in Room is made for people who can’t seem to get a good night’s rest because of exposure to light. It’s perfect for those who have trouble getting to sleep as well as those who work night shifts because it blocks over 95% of light. room-in-room-with-security-warmth-and-comfort-02 You can also control the amount of light that gets in by choosing to open the doors. Room in Room is a great potion for people who share a room and just want some privacy as well.  With an integrated warmth and ventilation system, the design allows heat to circulate inside while blocking out cold air. On the top, a large mesh panel keeps the air inside ventilated, which means your winter gas bill will be noticeably lower. room-in-room-with-security-warmth-and-comfort-04 Room in Room is made with strong and durable aluminum poles. The main fabric is Tetron Cotton/Poly Cotton and blackout coated polyester for the blackout effect. The high density fabric is gentle on your skin, and maximizes heat conservation while blocking out the light. room-in-room-with-security-warmth-and-comfort-03 You can also set up your own work station inside of the tent with the included laptop stand.  This way, you can comfortably use your laptop in bed while maintaining the proper posture. The stand also converts into a functional desk for when you put your laptop away. Additionally, the movie stand allows you to watch a movie in bed without you having to hold up the device yourself.  Say goodbye to tired arms and cricked necks. room-in-room-with-security-warmth-and-comfort-05 Improve your sleep quality in the three minutes that it takes to set up Room in Room.

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