Rockwell Bassinet: For the Minimalist Baby

Rock your baby to sleep in style with the Rockwell Bassinet. Designers Ralph and Michelle Montemurro wanted to furnish a modern nursery for their son. They came out with a line of simple, comfortable, and design-driven products. They believe that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Rockwell-Bassinet-For-the-Minimalist-Baby-04 This modern handcrafted bassinet is a minimalist mother’s dream. With its streamlined chrome stand and solid walnut rocking feet, the baby is nestled in a soft upholstered basket that can be removed and carried to different places. The basket can also be used for storage after your toddler has grown out of it to store all of their stuffed toys and trinkets. Rockwell-Bassinet-For-the-Minimalist-Baby-01 The Rockwell bassinet uses the highest quality materials, making it extremely sustainable. The soft fabric used to cover the basket is removable and machine-washable; and you can pick between either white micro suede or heather grey. It comes with a waterproof mattress, two white fitted 100 per cent cotton mattress sheets, and is quick and easy to assemble. Rockwell-Bassinet-For-the-Minimalist-Baby-06 The foam used for the bassinet is free of flame retardant chemicals and is locally manufactured from natural seed-based oils. This is part of the Monte Design effort to produce the safest, healthiest, and most eco-friendly furniture. The Rockwell bassinet provides your baby with a good night’s sleep and gives your nursery room some modern luxury. Rockwell-Bassinet-For-the-Minimalist-Baby-05

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