Rite Press: Innovative French Press

If you drink coffee or tea, you know how important it is to have a good drink in the morning to start out your day. Having to deal with lack lustre coffee or tea is a premonition of what the rest of the day will look like. The Rite Press: innovative French press is the answer to this problem. Start your day the right way and have consistently excellent quality drinks that keep you going. With the Rite Press the brewing process can be finished in as little as four minutes. This is possible because of the press’ removable bottom, thermometer, and timer. By utilizing these features, the Rite Press can brew a precise and lovely cup of coffee or tea every time. The brewing process starts with heating the water. The built-in thermometer, which is stored in the press’ handle when not in use, has an easy-to-use indication of temperature: blue, red, and green. When the thermometer reads blue it is too cold, when it is red it is too hot, and when it is in the green it is just right. 198 degrees F is the optimal brewing temperature for the timer’s three minute and thirty second countdown. When the magnetic hourglass timer has completed the countdown, simply press on the plunger and enjoy. Since the Rite Press forces the grounds into the removable bottom, cleaning becomes so much easier. You no longer have to fear using a French press for fear of having to clean up after yourself. The press has a silicon seal that separates the two chambers so your contents do not drip when in use. The Rite Press is double wall insulated, so you can brew a larger amount to share or come back for later and end up serving cold and/or bad drinks. Speaking of cold drinks, there is a growing favour for cold brew coffee. Most other presses on the market cannot offer this due to their design, but the Rite Press can. It can also steep tea. With the additional tea kit, you can get the precision of the coffee brewing method according to the type of tea you are making with three different timers. Rite Press is also available in a ceramic version for an aesthetic, quality look to go along with your quality product. To get your hands on your very own good-day-generator, check out Rite Press on Kickstarter. Why not start your day the right way?

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