Ripple: 24/7 Wireless Miniature Safety Device

When it comes to personal safety, this is of utmost importance to people of all ages. The concept of Ripple is a wireless and miniature safety device that is wearable as a simple bracelet. It is a discreet safety device that wirelessly connects you to a 24/7 monitoring team, ensuring complete security. Ripple-1 Ripple provides you with the ultimate peace of mind for yourself and for your loved ones. In case of an emergency, Ripple does all the work. Ripple is powerful despite its discreet size, as it is made up of three main attributes: it is wearable, connects you to a smartphone app and finally, connects you with a 24/7 security monitoring team based in the United States. Ripple is so tiny, it resembles a charm on a bracelet. This ensures you can wear this device whenever you desire. The key-ring link attachment of Ripple means it can be attached to bracelets, keys, clothing etc. It is the size of a penny and weighs just 2 grams. Ripple-3 Since Ripple is connected over bluetooth to your smartphone, you can monitor the battery life of the device as well, which lasts up to six months. Ripple does the work for you in case of an emergency by contacting 9-1-1. Also, the Ripple app can store your personal details, including a picture for identification, allergies, physical description, medical conditions and any other details you wish to share with the Ripple monitoring team. Ripple-4 The Ripple monitoring team is a big component of this device, as they will be availible 24/7 to provide you with any assistance you may need. Ripple has partnered with Tunstall,to provide U.S based security monitoring by handpicked individuals. Ripple-5 Another feature of Ripple is that it is not just for emergency cases. In case of emergencies, it is vital to note that Ripple needs to be pressed three times to trigger an emergency call. Press ripple once and you will receive a call from the Ripple monitoring team to ensure your well being , as sometimes we all need that extra feeling of safety by having someone on the other end of the line. Ripple-6 Unfortunately funding for Ripple has been cancelled by the project creator on Kickstarter, however for more information, click here.

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