RIMA: The Sensual Desk Lamp

Sometimes, everyday products can be just the slightest bit…mundane.  Take your desk lamp, for instance.  Some might describe the process of switching it on (only to become slightly irritated by the fact that it isn’t quite bright enough) and then switching it off  terribly monotonous.  Wishing to put life back into standard products by reimagining their designs, Matthias Pinkert of German-based company Holy Trinity created RIMA.  Holy Trinity is a leading lighting brand that seeks to bridge the gap between a person and his or her environment by combining the analogue with the digital.  Accordingly, RIMA, aptly named after the spirit of light, is anything but your average lamp.  The RIMA lamp is guided by your movement to offer an innovative sensory experience. rima_lamp_04 Minimalistically designed, RIMA consists of a simple row of 56 LED lights.  Each LED emits a strong white light, mind you the light is a soft warm tone that’s easy on the eyes.  And along the line sit four floating rings. rima_lamp_03 By simply sliding these rings one way or another, you are able to control the path and focus of RIMA’s light. rima_lamp_06 With a greater distance between rings, you can create a wide, overcasting glow. rima_lamp_01 Pushing the rings closer together results in a narrowed, concentrated beam. rima_lamp_02 Overall, RIMA aims to enhance the connection between the human sense of touch and illumination.  Its modern aesthetic makes it perfect for those who hate clutter in their work space, but seek unique variation in their lighting. Check out RIMA in action:

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