Revols: Custom-Fit Earphones

If listening to music on your earphones is a part of your daily routine then you’re probably familiar with that awful throbbing sensation that eventually creeps into your ear. Most generic earphones are too small or too big and often synonymous with pain. Headed by Daniel Blumer, a team of professionals recognized that every ear is as unique as a fingerprint and your earphones should be too. Together they created Revols: affordable, custom-fit earphones with tips that mold to the shape of your ears in just 60 seconds! While jogging, catching a flight or binge-watching your favourite show, you can finally enjoy high-end sound in comfort. revols-03 revols-05 Using an app on your phone, you can begin the earphone customization process with one press of the ‘start’ button. With Revols plugged into your ear, the tips take only 60 seconds to transform from a gel texture to a hardened, customized shape giving you the perfect fit. For those of you who live in a bustling city and love to spend time outdoors, you can use the Revols Adjustable Soundscape to limit the amount of outside noise played back over your music. You can also add a touch of personality to your earphones with Revols Sports Skins. Available in an array of colours, these skins protect against scratches, sweat and water damage. revols-06   Comfortable and stylish, these Bluetooth earphones yield eight hours of battery life and 14 hours with the Revols Revive battery extender that easily clips on to the earphone wire. Revols also allow you to listen while you charge. revols The perfect companion to your daily routine, Revols hold an unparalleled balance of comfort and sound. It’s a REVOLutionary experience.

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