Reverse Graffiti: The Art Cleaning

The Reverse Graffiti is an unique and interesting art expression pioneered by UK’s Paul Curtis better known as ‘Moose.’ This technique involves cleaning the sidewalks in an innovative way. Reverse-Graffiti-01 Eye catching, artistic, and expressive, these clean graffiti designs are getting popular, and big brands are jumping in to hire the artists to scrape their advertisements on the otherwise dirty sidewalks. reverse-graffiti-02 Soot covered surfaces are inscribed with meaningful designs, images, tags, slogans while the tools involved are scrubs, brushes, scrapers, and pressure hoses. Don’t forget imagination, of course. Reverse-Graffiti-03 Is it clean or dirty? Nuisance or artwork? It is all about the way you want to see it. The whole concept is revolutionary but at times can even gets the artist in trouble. The big question: is cleaning the sidewalk with art a crime or have they actually done a favour to society and environment? Well, it is tricky when turned into a piece of art or campaign without relevant permission. But then it isn’t, is it? Reverse-Graffiti-04 In one such controversial campaigns, Moose was asked to clean up his art which makes you wonder did he make the walls dirty all over again as he had spent hours scraping the dirt off them in the first place or cleaned it with more — reverse graffiti? Reverse-Graffiti-05 Regardless of whether it’s a crime or a piece of art, there’s no doubt about that what Moose is producing is beautiful in design. Video

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