Resketch: A New Kind of Notebook

Just as a writer can be stalled by a sudden onset of writer’s block, so too can an artist be stalled by a creative block.  Shawn Smith, artist and designer of Shawnimals and Ninjatown, hopes to re-inspire stumped artists with Resketch, a new kind of sketchbook made of various types of recycled paper. resketch_02 (738x493) Resketch aims to foster creativity by including a range of high-quality recycled paper originally intended for different purposes.  One might flip through Resketch to find colouring paper, graph paper, sticker paper, and more.  Each sheet bound within the sketchbook has been rescued from a non-new source, and would have otherwise been headed unnecessarily for a landfill or recycling centre. resketch_05 (738x494) The standard Resketch is 7″ x 9″ and ranges from 85 pages to 100 pages in total.  Held together by an eco-friendly sourced spiral binding, the pages are protected by front and back chipboard covers. resketch_03 (738x493) To further get artists’ creative juices flowing, every 10-or-so pages is a “creative prompt” page.  For instance, the equation “current mood + favourite food = …” can be found on such a page, prompting one to draw the resulting summation.  Celebrating all types of inspiration, a prompt can be in the form of a character, a visual cue, words, or an artist’s quote. resketch_04 (738x514) So tap into your creativity with Resketch, a new kind of sketchbook made from not-so-old, recovered pages of all types.

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