Repurposed Chopstick Decor

The preservation of the planet is a major issue that mankind has to combat. Any amount of effort towards being environmentally conscious is a step in the right direction for our own benefit and the benefit of future generations’ quality of life. The start-up company ChopValue, out of Vancouver, is going about being environmentally conscious in a creative and practical way with their line of wooden home décor products. Taking chopsticks out of restaurant trash, ChopValue makes items like coasters and yoga blocks. Creator Felix Bock is filling a much needed answer to the massive problem that is pollution. Were it not for ChopValue, chopsticks would simply fill up space at a landfill for years and years. From their website, there are approximately 100,000 pairs of chopsticks that end up in the garbage daily. By dealing with various restaurants across the city, ChopValue has been collecting 250,000 pairs a week since July; that is a whopping 2.5 million pairs. Since all chopsticks are not the same, and not all parts of the stick can always be used, the repurposing process produces a unique striped pattern for all of their products. On their store there are coasters, shelves, tabletops, and tiles for tables or other surfaces. The company can even take your product and engrave it with a design or pattern of your choice. Because of ChopValue’s success with their innovative venture, hopefully this creative use of something bound for a landfill can serve a better purpose than adding to the pollution and space problem of our lovely planet. Help turn waste into something beautiful by supporting ChopValue and our planet in the process. For more on their vision and items available for sale, visit their website.

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