Repour: Wine Preserver

Picture this: you’re enjoying a bottle of wine on a Friday night. Everything goes well, and you enjoy your quiet time. But suddenly! There’s leftover wine. You know if you simply recork it, it’ll go bad. The rest of the bottle goes down the drain, along with your money. There goes the rest of your Friday night. Introducing Repour– a smart stopper that is specially made to absorb the oxygen from your wine bottle, so when you reopen it, it’s as good as new. repour-3 Repour guarantees to preserve the aroma and taste, every single time so that you can sample something different each night. .repour-7 Not only is the oxygen in the air above the wine absorbed, but the wine itself is also degassed, setting Repour apart from different wine preservers on the market. In doing so, the oxygen level inside the bottle is reduced to under 0.05%- lower than any other preservation system. repour-2 Repour is too easy to use. The stoppers are meant to be disposable- so when you open a new bottle, you use a new stopper. When you’re ready to drink again, take out the stopper, pour a glass, and replace it for another day. There are no other challenges, complicated instructions, to get in the way of fresh, preserved wine. Just peel, cork, and enjoy! repour-8 As a straightforward, innovative design that works perfectly both at parties, or time spent alone, there is no need to worry about money gone down the drain because of spoiled wine. Repour is a well-designed tool that every alcoholic-lover should have! repour-10 Re-experience that fresh taste and aroma when you first open a bottle of wine, over and over again. With Repour, drinking wine will never be the same again. To learn more about how Repour works, how you can get it, and where, view the video below!

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