Renew Sleep Clock: Smart Alarm Clock

Renew SleepClock is a smart alarm clock created by company GEAR4. renew-sleep-clock-smart-alarm-clock-02 This smart clock docks your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and together with the connected device acts as a sleep monitor, alarm clock, and bedside speaker system. renew-sleep-clock-smart-alarm-clock-03 From the moment you set the desired wake time for the alarm and fall asleep the device begins measuring your sleeping activity. It is able to sense your breathing without the need for wires and wristbands and uses this information to decide what the optimal time for your wake-up alarm will be. renew-sleep-clock-smart-alarm-clock-04 The accompanying app is free to download to your iOS device and with it you will be able to record and review in-depth data regarding the overall quality of your sleep. The app not only gives you insight about your individual sleeping behaviour but also lets you compare the gathered data with those of other people, as such giving you a more extensive understanding of your sleep and how you could improve it. renew-sleep-clock-smart-alarm-clock-05 With the SleepClock you can expect yourself to wake up more alert, refreshed, and prepared for the day. You can choose your wake up call from a wide range of customizable alarm sounds that come available in the app, or from any one of your favourite FM radio stations, or from your personal music library on your device. Video:

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