Remora Tracking: Track Anything, Anywhere

Have you ever worried about the lateness or absence of a loved one, wishing you had a way to track their location? Perhaps your pet is prone to getting past the fence or your toddler is one to wander? Remora Tracking makes determining the whereabouts of someone or something both limitless and effortless. Remora_Tracking_04 A GPS tracker, Remora uses a cellular signal to locate the product in real time on Google Maps. Originally intended for athletes, the tracking device itself is small, lightweight, discreet, and waterproof.  But don’t let its size fool you. It’s incredibly accurate and dependable. Unlike other tracking devices that require a connection to another device via Bluetooth, Remora relies on nothing but its own technology. Consequently, it has an unlimited virtual range.  You can be assured that so long as the device is working, its tracking capabilities will also be in progress. Remora_Tracking_02 Despite initially being designed for athletic purposes, Remora Tracking has so many applications. A testament to this fact is the surprising number of features to ensure one’s safety and security depending on the situation. For instance, the product has a built-in impact sensor that sends a preset emergency contact the device’s current location and a help message. In cases such as solo hikes or treks, Remora provides a foolproof, emergency alert plan. Remora_Tracking_03 Geo-fencing, another of Remora’s features, is perfect for keeping track of individuals with stricter boundaries. The device can be set to include a geo-fence that the device should not cross.  If crossed, an alert is instantly sent to your device letting you know of the broken geo-fence. With this capability, you can ensure that you’ll be immediately notified of a lost dog or wandering child. With Remora Tracking, you’re in the know and in control.  You no longer have to passively track through secondary programs and devices. Keep your loved ones and cherished belongings safe and secure with Remora.

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