Rekonect: The Magnetic Paper Notebook

A notebook can be your best friend, your confidante, and your personal assistant all in one. Even in the age of the Ipad and smartphone, nothing can quite beat the reassuring weight of a hard-bound journal at your side. ReKonect-03 The Rekonect by Rekonect Inc. takes the traditional aesthetic of your regular leather journal and adds a whole new level of flexibility with detachable pages that you can take out and slide back in with unparalleled ease. Thanks to the magic of magnetism, you can slide a page out of the spine without pushing any buttons or opening any tabs like with binders, and then toss it back in for the page to reattach perfectly. ReKonect-05 Do you need a hard surface to write on? Just take out a page and put it against the notebook itself. Want to photocopy or scan your notes without bending the spine? No problem. The magnets are so strong that they can hold a pen in place against the spine without losing grip or attaching the pen’s clip to the pages. ReKonect-02 Coming soon to Kickstarter, keep an eye out for the Rekonect and stake a claim on yours before anyone else does. While everyone else fiddles around with their fifty different devices on the bus, all you’ll need is your Rekonect and a pen.

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