Recyclable, Compact Sofa

When it comes to products being used on-the-go, there are usually sacrifices to be made. If something is lightweight it might not be made with a durable enough material, or if it is collapsible it might break easily due to all of the moving parts. Finding a way to make all aspects acceptable without sacrificing something is the mindset that led to the recyclable, compact sofa from Dawanda. The sofa is uniquely made out of 100% recycled paper. By inflating the paper bags you are given a comfortable cushion that can be easily deflated for easy transport and/or storage. Furniture that is compact and practical is in rare supply as materials form a driving a desire in the consumer base. Without sacrificing comfort, this environmentally-concious seat offers more than conventional pieces of furniture. With the sofa cushions being made out of recyclable paper, not only can you feel environmentally responsible, but you can also easily acquire new paper. This allows you to write on the surface of the couch without worrying about losing out on a great deal of money for a replacement cushion. Being able to write on a couch is especially wonderful for children and parents alike. The children can feel like they can express themselves and their creativity, and there is no harm in them writing or colouring because the couch cushions are essentially a very big colouring sheet. Whether you intend to use the recyclable, compact sofa as a children’s playroom addition, on-the-go, or even as a permanent addition to your space it will make a great addition in many environments. Have peace of mind in the inventor’s concern for the environment and relish in the versatility of such an inexpensive but wonderful idea. To find out more or how to get your own, check out their website.

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