Reclaimed Wood Writer’s Studio

The tiny house movement is taking the world by storm. As a rebellion against the capitalist mindset of “more is more”, people have started to get back to nature and bask in the comfort of simplicity. The best aspect of what has resulted from this movement is the peace of living in a quiet atmosphere, something that writers definitely do not take for granted. New Frontier Tiny Homes has created The Cornelia, inspired by renowned children’s author Cornelia Funke. This idyllic cabin is just 24 feet in length and 8.5 feet wide. It is versatile, the three-in-one space can be utilized as a writing studio, guest house and a library. The Cornelia features high vaulted ceilings which turn this tiny house into a vertically gifted paradise. The high ledges of the cabin make for great spaces to store books. Additionally, this tiny space showcases reclaimed barn wood installed from floor to ceiling for true rustic coziness. The designers created the the layout of the space to fit Funke’s needs. The interior is decked out in minimalist furnishings gives off the impression of more space. However, that does not mean that this tiny home isn’t without its immaculate perks. The loft fits a king size bed which is accessible by a movable ladder. The cute kitchenette is situated directly under the bed accessible via a sliding door; it offers fully functional plumping and enough pantry space to keep the essentials. Furthermore, the desk is located directly under a large window and can be folded down when its not in use to save more space. The abundance of windows lets in an incredible amount of natural light so you can enjoy the serenity of the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors if you’re visiting in the winter months. The warm amber glow of the lighting adds a soft and amorous feeling to the cabin in those colder times. The cabin invites efficiency in its modern design and its lush surroundings offer plenty of inspiration for those creative individuals who want to escape into nature. Consider this bright and cozy space for your next getaway from the hectic rush of the city. Invite yourself to reconnect with some back to basics living that doesn’t mean roughing it in the wild. Enjoy the elegance of simplicity and comfort in way you never thought of before!

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