RASSEN: Twisting Chopsticks

These are chopsticks with a twist: the ability to twist together to create a single conjoined chopstick when not in use. Nendo has partnered with Hashikura Matsukan, a leading expert with traditional laquer chopstick manufacturing experience, to improve on the simple 4000-year-old design. Together, they’ve created an innovative chopstick that twists together. The Rassen is a sleek-looking set of dining utensils that makes eating an even better experience. rassen-twisting-chopsticks-02 The pair is an artisan crafted piece of work, using a multi-axis CNC mill to get the proper twist into the wood and to enable both chopsticks to twine together seamlessly. The effort put into these chopsticks makes them a unique piece. As a single unit, you’ll never have to worry about losing one because the pair travels together. The final details are hand-done to ensure that the chopsticks slide together nicely and require no effort to put back together. rassen-twisting-chopsticks-03 Eating with chopsticks has never been more stylish as Nendo takes all of their chopsticks to the next level. This simple modification on an already simple design carries a minimalist aesthetic even further, making good on the old idiom of “less is more.” rassen-twisting-chopsticks-04

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