Rainpal Helmet Wiper

The weather can be unpredictable. Everyone loves a good mixture of rain and shine, but rain can set dangerous conditions for bikers on the road. Heavy raining can obscure your vision which makes riding on the road even scarier, given that cars have a tougher time coming to a complete stop on wet roads. Rainpal is a mini wiper that can be affixed to your biking helmet, clearing your vision from the rain while you bike! Made in England, the Rainpal can be fitted onto multiple types of helmets. The wiper can be set at different speeds, and also includes a visor cleaning spray. It’s been tested up to 100mph and can be charged via USB. The wiper won’t block the view of the rider- only by a few millimetres. The wiper is 0.5″ wide and 0.5″ high. Activate the wipers with a button on the Rainpal, or wirelessly through a kit that can be placed on your handlebar. Additionally, Rainpal can help you with fogging and condensation. Removing water droplets from the helmet will result in less fog buildup. The battery will last about 90 minutes of wiping continuously and 180 minutes if wiping every two seconds. The total weight is only 150 grams. It’s perfect for outdoor bikers who feel a need to put their safety first. To learn more about Rainpal, visit their website or watch the video below!

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