Rain Shield Umbrella

In a fresh take on umbrellas, Liu Li-Hsiang fashions his Rain Shield Umbrella out of a single curved steel wire and a telescopic rod. rain-shield-001 With the lack of pointed ends or sharp edges, this umbrella won’t blow inside out like regular umbrellas tend to do on windy days. Its shield-like shape makes it a worthy adversary for windy weather and those nasty curbside puddle splashes. rain-shield-002 When not in use, this portable umbrella can compress into a 180-millimeter diameter disc that can be stored in any bag or purse. It is made of waterproof cloth material, allowing water to slide right off its surface. rain-shield-003 The umbrella collapses by retracting the telescopic pole and swirling the shield surface onto itself. This innovative design prevents two problems: one, being splashed from the side by angled rain or cars, and two, having an umbrella blown inside out by the wind. For such innovations, the Rain Shield has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. rain-shield-004 One concern with the current design of the Rain Shield is limited vision and lack of room for movement when the shield is held in front of the face. A solution to this problem can be a transparent shield, allowing users to see in front of them when they walk. Although this might reduce the aesthetic appeal of the product, it could prove to be another useful feature. Video:

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