Railway Inspired Lamp by Kaishi

It’s always interesting to discover the inspiration behind a designer’s work. Hugo Tejada is just one example of many designers who put creative, modern twists on traditional designs. Hugo Tejada designed “TAKE A WAY”– a lamp inspired by the old railway station lanterns. The lamp was crafted and brought to life by KAISHI, a lighting company based in Spain. By giving those old railway station lanterns a modern twist and touch-up, the portable lamp became a durable lighting essential made out of aluminium and powered by long-life lithium batteries. To add, TAKE A WAY has adjustable LED technology. This allows you to control the amount of brightness according to your preferences. The modern design comes through via the white aluminum light and the handle, which comes in either gold or wooden colours. Clearly, TAKE A WAY’s fresh design shines simplicity. This high-quality must-have brings lots of extra light into any space, be it your living room, bedroom, or office. Plus, another fun option includes bringing TAKE A WAY outdoors to the backyard or to a picnic. Add it to any home interior design and décor, whether you’re style is chic, modern, or minimalist. KAISHI is inspired by Oriental culture’s simplicity and Scandinavian products’ functionality. It has many other unique lamps that have all gone through creative processes. Give their website a peak for lighting and home inspiration, products, and their blog!

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