Quooker: Instant Boiling Water On Tap

Quooker provides instant boiling water straight from the tap. It is able to produce varying temperatures of water – anywhere from cold, warm, to boiling – all from the same tap. quooker-10 You might think the Quooker would be energy inefficient, but you would be wrong about that. The Quooker is enclosed with a patented high-vacuum insulation that makes sure you lose minimal heat even when it’s not in use. quooker-03 Proven to be safe, the Quooker is able to produce up to 100-degree Celsius boiling water, enough to make coffee, tea, and ramen noodles straight from the tap. With a height-adjustable tap, you can also minimize splashing. quooker-01 Besides providing the convenience, Quooker can also save on your water and electricity bills. Video:

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