Quercus: Sustainable Lamp Made From Waste

Nowadays more than ever, eco-friendly products are trendy, but they’re also the right thing to design and create. Designers all over the world are stepping up their game and creating beautiful pieces while taking care of our planet. Designers are turning to eco-friendly materials and even waste to craft their pieces. Max Ashford followed this approach too when designing Quercus, a lamp made of waste. Ashford founded Greeb– “a product studio aiming to improve the world through design, creating ways of designing nice things that are good for the planet”. Designed for both function and planet, Quercus is a lamp that is sustainably sourced and fully recyclable. Quercus is made from wood sourced from naturally fallen British Oak. The process is simple: the timber is bent through steaming and treated using nut-based oils. This approach creates a product that, after its long lifetime, will degrade in to nature’s recycling system. The lampshade is made of a waste wine bottle. To add, this sustainable lamp uses a low-energy bulb. The glass bottle creates the perfect tone illuminating any space in your home. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, or office space, Quercus matches various interior designs and décors. Whether or not the lamp is actually turned on, character is added to any room. So, get work done in your office space or relax in bed with a book in hand next to this home essential. Furthermore, the smart design keeps the user in mind, as Quercus is easy to dissemble. What makes this even better is the fact that the lamps are carefully handmade by skilled craftsmen. Above all, Quercus stands out, as the re-used materials– waste– which is often seen as “ugly,” is turned into an elegant must-have. For more information about Quercus or the process to create this sustainable lamp, check out the Kickstarter page by clicking here.

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