Quattro: Futuristic Teapot

Designed by Snezana Jeremic, the Quattro is a sleek, rectangular and futuristic teapot, which makes pouring out tea a pleasant and stylish affair. Quattro is not like any conventional teapot. Quattro-Futuristic-Tea-Pot-01 Redefining the classic teapot design, it is a mix of modern and functional concepts. This futuristic teapot has an oversized and multi functional handle that makes pouring and transportation easy. Quattro-Futuristic-Tea-Pot-02 When on the top of the teapot, the handle acts as a grip so that you can heat your tea on the stove. Quattro-Futuristic-Tea-Pot-03 The oversized handle of the teapot provides the balance and can be converted into a base for convenient use. When using the handle as the base, you can tilt the teapot without lifting it. To pour, all you have to do is let the teapot tilt and tip, then simply let it realign itself, simply and neatly. Quattro-Futuristic-Tea-Pot-04

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