QooCam: Interchangeable 4K 360° & 3D Camera

Virtual reality is the new path for technology. Within the past few years, there has been a rise in interest in the VR world. Many new innovations, technological advancements, and gadgets have elevated the VR experience. In the past, only professional photographers with the right equipment were able to create content for VR simulation. That has changed with Kandao’s latest product called QooCam. It is a compact 3D camera that has many features, and lets people record 360° pictures and videos. This camera truly embodies the essence of capturing the moment and feeling as if you are there in the picture. Kandao previously released a professional 3D camera called the Obsidian, but they wanted to create a camera that everyone can use. The QooCam has a wide selection of features, and the sleek design of the camera lets you transform it to fit your specific use. The camera itself has three lenses to shoot in 360° and 180°. The camera has automatic stabilization, 4k video recording abilities, shooting abilities in 2D VR 360° and 3D VR 180°, time lapse, 120 FPS & slow motion, refocusing technology that comes with an app editor, and lastly is capable of live streaming. With advanced depth technology, the QooCam can let you edit pictures after they are taken to refocus the subject. You can even completely change the background of the picture due to this depth analyzing technology. The QooCam can be attached to almost anything to capture high resolution, 360° video footage. It can be attached to a tripod, a selfie stick, drones, a dolly, helmets and even skateboards! The QooCam is a revolutionary product that makes VR accessible to everyone, not only professionals with specialized equipment. It brings a new market to the VR world and lets people film memories that will last for lifetimes. Check out this 360° picture that was captured on the QooCam attached to a drone. You can also learn more about QooCam on Kandao’s official website, click here to check it out!

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