Qkey: The Data Holder

There’s another simplified step for shopping online. It comes from using the Qkey. The Qkey looks like any other key, but this key is specifically meant to be inserted into a computer or tablet. It’s universal so it can go into any computer or tablet. The purpose of using a Qkey eliminates the need to memorize several passwords or seperate logins for different websites that you do your online shopping on. There is just one master password and pin, and when you plug in your Qkey it gives you the options of the information of your method of payments, favorite websites, and your shipping address as registered prior by you. qkey-1 All you have to do to activate the Qkey is plug it into any computer or tablet; enter in all your chosen payment information (credit cards, debit cards, etc.) and your shipping information; then finally select your favorite websites for shopping or any other website that you might want to shop from later on. It’s that simple. qkey-2 When in use, you enter your master password, shop on the websites selected by you, choose your method of payment, enter your pin on another device, then tap the Qkey where the ‘Q’ logo is while it’s plugged in as a final step, and then you will see confirmation page that validates your transaction(s). qkey-3 You need to enter your pin on another device, preferably your mobile, for security reasons. It’s similar to shopping in a store where you go through the merchandise and select what you what, and bring it to a cashier and use the till with your credit card to complete the purchase, which is seperate from the shopping. qkey The Qkey’s has a prominent feature of a chip like you normally see on credit cards or bank cards, which is the part that inserts into a computer or tablet. There is a ‘Q’, which is the logo and that is face up when you insert this key for use. It is a very secure device as the chip embedded uses the same technology that Visa and Mastercard do. You can only pre-order this product until it receives enough funds for mass production. Go to the Indiegogo page for more information.

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