Pureliving: Sanitize Your Home With High Tech Wand

The Pureliving Sanitizing Light Wand works like magic to sanitize your home. This high tech wand is a fluorescent lamp system which allows you to pass light over any surface and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, molds, and dust mites to keep your home clean. Pureliving-Sanitize-Your-Home-With-High-Tech-Wand-01 It works on any 12″ surface and the 6.5″ UV-C bulb allows wide coverage thus sanitizing large areas quick and easy. The portable and lightweight hand-held wand is very easy to operate. The design features a simple one touch hold button for 360 degree sterilisation. Pureliving-Sanitize-Your-Home-With-High-Tech-Wand-02 Pureliving cares about hygiene as well as the earth therefore no chemical agents or disposables are used in the product. The dimensions of the product are 15″L by 3″W by 5″H, the adapter voltage is 100-240V / 50-60Hz and the power of UV-C Bulb is 1 x 4W. It comes in two colours, black and white. Pureliving-Sanitize-Your-Home-With-High-Tech-Wand-03 One simply has to wave the futuristic wand over the surface for 20 seconds then the germs, bacteria, and other allergens get destroyed. The sanitizing wand works on all types of surfaces such as bedding, the kitchen counter, sink, hair brush, make up brushes, toothbrush, telephone, computer keyboard along with bathtubs, shoes, door knobs, and even furniture. pureliving's-sanitizing-high-tech-wand-01 Video:

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