PURE Refillable Spray Bottle

Inspired by the iris of a camera lens, the PURE refillable spray bottle concept is an improved take on spray cleaning. With the PURE system at hand, a single, simple, beautiful, refillable bottle replaces dozens of disposable cleaning products. Pure-Refillable-Spray-Bottle-01 Designer Manuel Perez Prada for Ziba Munich, researched the standard cleaning solutions, to find that those were basically water based. To minimize the waste generated by the disposable bottles, the team created PURE cleaning system, a complete redesign of  the spray bottle. These white reusable spray bottles use a concentrated tablet and regular tap water. Pure-Refillable-Spray-Bottle-02 This functional design won the Red Dot Design Concept Award. These bottles can make cleaning solution by just adding the tap water at home. All you have to buy is a separate pack of pills to add in the bottle to make the cleaning solution. The pill is punctured when the PURE is closed. Pure-Refillable-Spray-Bottle-03 The PURE cleaning method of mixing and creating cleaning solutions at home rather than in the factory, saves money, reduces shipping costs and also cuts down on the packaging waste. The user buys one PURE spray bottle and only has to buy small concentrate pills or capsules when it’s time for a refill. Pure-Refillable-Spray-Bottle-04 You can use this minimalist design bottle in different modes, off, spray, and squirt by adjusting the rotating outlet to the mode you desire. This is the future of housecleaning. Pure-Refillable-Spray-Bottle-05 Video:

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