Puffy Kachula: Adventure Blanket

Being comfortable is something we all want. Plain and simple, it is no fun to be cold or sore. If we are not comfortable we can keep ourselves from experiencing wondrous things. The people at Coalatree have made moves to bring comfort to adventurous people while being environmentally conscious. The puffy Kachula adventure blanket is the accessory for you if you want to feel comfortable anywhere and everywhere you go. Coalatree’s goal is to make fun and functional products for adventurous people. To this end, the Kachula blanket can function as a pillow, blanket, cold weather poncho, and more. It is versatile in different environments, and in the same space. Able to be stored in its pouch, it can easily be kept for convenient access when necessary but does not become a burden to carry. There is an attached hood, which is what can turn the Kachula blanket into a poncho. In order to be water repellent and still usable in other environments and contexts, the chemical vapor distribution method is used. This method makes it possible to have a soft feel because the coat can be thinner. It can be easily hidden in the blanket when not in use. It is also equipped with a pocket for storage and a webbing loop so you can clip it to your pack. The Kachula blanket features a snap system that allows multiple blankets to be attached, or to fold on itself to make a comfy sleeping bag. The blanket is available in unique, sometimes two-tone, colours and made with primaloft synthetic filling. All of the materials used to make the Kachula are bluesign-approved goods, so you know that your product is safe for the workers, the environment, and you. Measuring at 72”x50”, weighing just 2 lbs, machine washable, featuring reinforced stress points, and environmentally-friendly, the Kachula is a great solution in a compact, portable package. To find out more about the Kachula blanket and more of Coalatree’s products, check out their Kickstarter. Do not wait to make your adventures more enjoyable.

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