Prona: Smart Street Light

How many times have you walked past a streetlamp plastered in unattractively tattered posters and bills?  While the idea of using posts for advertising is arguably a good one, the means of doing so have been largely limited to good old paper and tape.  But what if there were a streetlamp specifically designed to include advertising?  Shanghai-based Moma Industrial Product Design Co. have created Prona, a smart street light that can shine bright, advertise, and much more.
prona_03 (738x491)
Part of Moma’s Wisdom Lighting Series, Prona is one of four different models of smart lighting street lamps.
prona_06 (738x491)
 This specific design consists of three main components.  At the top is an LED lamp that relies on photovoltaics to convert solar energy into electricity to power it.
prona_04 (738x491)
Next, in the centre is a multimedia display for both visuals and sound, making it perfect for advertising commercials, certainly an improvement on posting bills.  Finally, the bottom of the column is an interactive display screen that can be used for a multitude of purposes, including social media and business networking.  On top of all of that, Prona also has built-in CCTV capabilities, charging stations, and card readers.
prona_07 (738x491)
Winner of the 2015 Red Dot Award, Moma’s Wisdom Lighting Series designs, including Prona, are all-in-one marvels, combining simple street lighting with technological intelligence to potentially improve energy efficiency, public security, city tourism, and urban aesthetics.
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