ProGo: Revolutionary Carry-On Backpack

Now though I am sadly not a backpacker, making my way through Europe, nor am I a landscape photographer, hiking across terrains with nothing more than my camera, I can appreciate a fantastic piece of storage space that comes in the form of the ProGo, a carry-on backpack. For those frequent flyers racking up their Airmiles or the executives constantly flying from one city to the next, this carry-on backpack is far more practical, spacious, and safer than having a duffel bag, mixing you clean and dirty clothes with your spare sneakers or pulling along a small luggage and forcing it through the check-in. progo-backpack The ProGo, created by Ari Marcopoulos who is a traveling photographer himself, is unique in its design and conception in that all your traveling storage needs are safely enclosed on your back. The prominent and unique feature about the carry-on backpack is its innovative shelving unit, collapsible into the back and capable of storing a week’s worth of clothing. Rather than folding clothes and placing them neatly in a bag, hoping the trip won’t wrinkle them in the process, the ProGo comes equipped with a removable shelf that initially gets hung in a closet just like any other hanging shelf. Add in jeans, shirts, and pyjamas, and simply remove it from the closet, compress it into the bag, and voila! – all your clothes are packed neatly away in less than ten seconds. progo-revolutionary-carry-on-02 The shelf isn’t the only feature the carry-on backpack possesses. Standing 21 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and with a depth of 7 inches, the ProGo has several compartments with specific purposes in mind. Store an extra pair of shoes at the top compartment of the bag, keeping them away from your clothing; an inner pocket opens specifically for any laptops or tablets and is ergonomically padded to protect them; a hidden pouch on the back of the bag, but when worn pressed against your back, is used to store valuables-passport, money, keys-keeping your information and assets away from petty thieves. Not only that but the carry-on backpack is integrated with Bluetooth technology, letting you track it in a crowd if need be. progo-revolutionary-carry-on-03 But with a name like ProGo, one wonders if there are any camera functions. No, this backpack can’t take pictures, but it can store camera equipment in an organized manner. Instead of inserting the shelving unit, a six piece modular pads with Velcro can be placed into the space to create safe storage for any SLR with space for extra lenses. Included on the side are also straps meant to hold a tripod. Made of durable waterproof tarp material, ProGo is the perfect backpack for traveling in any weather or bringing it along for any hike. The carry-on backpack is an innovative bag that lets you travel light, and despite its size, the amount of items it can hold clearly indicates some things are bigger on the inside.

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