The Professional Biker Commuter Bag

Looking to be eco-friendly, healthy, and professional at the same time? Riding your bike to work or to school can result in many benefits- both for yourself and for the environment. However, it can be challenging to find a bag that is convenient to carry as well as stylish. Backpacks are easy and simple to carry, but they don’t carry that professional and sleek look that many look for when going to work. Domestique Bags fills out all of the required needs, but being efficient while managing to look good at the same time. Imagine riding a bike with a briefcase. Little hard to do-right? By working with Emily Lindemann, who has experience in designing sports goods, David Wolfson, Domestique founder has found a solution. The pannier hooks on the back of the bag allow the user to attach to a bike’s rack for smooth and easy transportation. No more uncoordinated transportation with your bag hurting your back or legs. To make matters even better, Domestique Bags come with a luggage adapter sleeve. Simply affix your bag to your roller luggage when traveling to make your trip more compact and simple. Domestique Bags are also equipped with a quick-release shoulder strap to make the switch between messenger and briefcase style fast and simple. When on your bike, tuck away the straps to prevent them from getting tangled up in your chains or wheels. Unfortunately, Domestique Bags did not reach its goal on Kickstarter. For more information, check out their page or watch the video below.

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