Prism Nightlight: Interactive Tilt Activated Light

Prism Nightlight is an interactive tilt activated light created by Nicholas Baker as he explored the simplicity of form following function. The inspiration for his light was sparked by notable designer, Naoto Fukasawa and his design philosophy for playfulness. tilt activated light 5 Baker researched Fukasawa’s subtle subconscious cues which in the end helped ignite the creation of a simple yet interactive design for a night light based on movement. The design is still a working prototype with battery operation and has yet to be introduced for manufacturing. tilt activated light 4 Prism follows the classic see-saw functionality, where a single tilt can turn the light on for an easy yet satisfying experience. In many homes, the light pays tribute to the flick switch, where a light is turned on or off with a single flick. This movement is intuitive and differs from most conventional bedside lamps whether it’s by design or by user interaction. tilt activated light 2 Its minimalistic design and use of materials allows it to fit perfectly in all styles of bedrooms. By using wood, the piece is warm despite the austere and simple design. The light’s shield aids in diffusing light to emanate a soft ambience to function well as a night light. The Prism is not only fun and enjoyable to turn on and off, but also easy with the weighted ends. tilt activated light 3

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