Printeroid: iPhone and iPad Portable Printer

The Printeroid, is a smart portable printer that can be connected to any Apple device and print. Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini and composer Giampaolo Scapigliati created The Printeroid so that people have quick and easy access to their photographs. printeroid-iPhone-and-iPad-printer-02 The Printeroid works with an app called “PMS” (Printeroid Messaging Service). In addition to pictures, this mini printer can also print tickets for transportation, business cards, and stickers. printeroid-iPhone-and-iPad-printer-04 With the printing dimensions are 2.7 inches. the device prints 0.15 inches per second at 300 dpi. It requires its own printing paper that is available in 10 meter rolls. These days, individuals take and store more pictures than ever. However, most images are only stored on your iPhone, iPad, or laptop. This device is the perfect solution for them. printeroid-iPhone-and-iPad-printer-03 This advanced, compact device is ideal for making those photos that have been sitting on your iPhone for months (or even years!) tangible. It’s also great for when you quickly need something like a business card or directions, and you do not have access to a printer. A highly convenient, smart and handy printing tool, a true must have. printeroid-iPhone-and-iPad-printer

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