Primo: Toy That Teaches Programming To Kids

Primo is a wooden toy designed for fun modern learning. It is a robot with a programming interface that lets children play and exercise their logical thinking. primo-toy-that-teaches-programming-to-kids-06 Primo’s Cubetto is a friendly robot that moves according to a set directions that the child designs. In this way, the toy will create a sequence that exercises the child’s logical thinking and decision-making ability. primo-toy-that-teaches-programming-to-kids-07 The wired wooden board has slots that enable the child to insert wooden blocks. Each placement of a block is equivalent to a specific instruction, like a programming language. The path created on the board will command Cubetto to move around. primo-toy-that-teaches-programming-to-kids-04 The game’s goal is to guide Cubetto to a specific location. To reach the goal, the child needs create a safe and smooth path, while avoiding any obstacles. primo-toy-that-teaches-programming-to-kids-03 Video:

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