PowerUp 3.0: Control Your Paper Plane With Your Smart Phone

With the PowerUp 3.0 you could be a pilot by just tilting your phone. Besides, assembling it could not be any simpler, just create your paper plane and attach the crash-proof Smart Module. The module, equipped with Bluetooth, will allow your plane to take flight using your phone. powerup-3-0-control-your-paper-airplane-03 PowerUp 3.0 reinvents the way you played with paper airplanes. No longer will your airplane last mere seconds in the air, but will fly in desired direction up to ten minutes. The sky is your playground with 180 foot range. powerup-3-0-control-your-paper-airplane-08 It comes with a USB cable to connect to your computer for charging. The 100 mAh lithium polymer power pack comes with the package and allows endless fun. The power pack can also charge your smart phone so there is no worry about any setbacks. powerup-3-0-control-your-paper-airplane-06 You can put your paper airplane mastery to work and give it style with the PowerUp 3.0. You don’t have to make your airplane out of paper, anything that isn’t too heavy for the module will work. powerup-3-0-control-your-paper-airplane-04 For more fun challenge your friends to a friendly game of race. The PowerUp 3.0 is compatible with the iPhone (4S, 5, 5S, 5C), the iPad mini and Android 4.3 or higher. Video

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