Powerslayer Kit: Save Energy and the Environment

The successful Kickstarter-funded Powerslayer is what the future needs, now. It is an intelligent charger created by California’s Velvetwire for mobile devices that combines great engineering, design and best of all, environmental responsibility. Powerslayer-Kit-Save-Energy-and-the-Environment-02 Your smartphone or tablet is protected from overcharging by Velvetwire’s own Softcharge™ software, which automatically shuts the Powerslayer off once device charging reaches 100%. This eliminates the occurrence of wasteful energy consumption, reducing overall environmental impact through greenhouse emissions. Powerslayer-Kit-Save-Energy-and-the-Environment-03 This means that there is never a need to unplug the Powerslayer from your outlet. Let’s admit it: very few of us actually take the time and effort to unplug our chargers from the wall when not in use! Investing in a Powerslayer also leads to longevity for your device’s battery and overall battery performance. Other safety features include surge protection and active thermal control, which are essential for a peace of mind. Powerslayer-Kit-Save-Energy-and-the-Environment-04 The Powerslayer Kit comes with the Powerslayer charger, a nifty travel case made from 100% natural wool felt and vegetable tanned natural leather, and a braided cloth charging cable (compatible with either Apple’s Lightning or micro USB ports). These are custom Velvetwire designs and colours made especially for the Powerslayer. Powerslayer-Kit-Save-Energy-and-the-Environment-05 Watch the video:

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