Powerall Deluxe: Portable Power and Vehicle Jump Starter

The Powerall Deluxe is the all-in-one answer to your portable charging woes. Using a lithium-ion battery, the Powerall Deluxe has the strength for dual USB charging and for jump-starting up to 20 cars on a single charge. powerall-deluxe-02 The Powerall Deluxe has a lightweight and compact design, weighing in at only 12.8 ounces, and comes with all necessary charging and jumper cables, as well as a carrying case. The device also has an LED flashlight complete with SOS mode for emergency situations. powerall-deluxe-04 The Powerall Deluxe claims to provide 600% more battery life for smartphones, and offers protection for over currents, short circuits, overloading, and overcharging to keep all of your devices safe. Video:

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