Lumo Lift: Posture Monitoring Device

Lumo Lift is a positive posture monitoring device which helps you in the process of improving your pose by reminding you to always stand tall and straight. lumo-lift-posture-monitoring-device-02 This small device can be worn with any of your outfits. Simply attach it to your shirt or dress, sync it with the app, and allow it to track your posture information in order to help you improve your stance, gait, and even attitude. lumo-lift-posture-monitoring-device-03 Lift measures the amount of steps you’ve taken each day, how many calories you’ve been burning, and how much time you’ve spent keeping a straight and healthy posture. Should you like, Lift can also be constantly reminding you to stand straight every time you slouch or hunch by gently vibrating. You can easily switch out of the active reminding mode and Lift will passively measure useful posture information without reminding you of its presence. lumo-lift-posture-monitoring-device-04 The battery in the device lasts for up to 5 days and takes under 2 hours to fully recharge. Although the Lumo Lift app will initially only run on Apple iOS, there is intention for making an Android 4.3+ version available. Currently, the device comes in 10 colours, while plans are to collaborate with jewellery designers in order to create truly unique pieces in the near future. lumo-lift-posture-monitoring-device-05 Video:

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