Portable Straw Humidifer

Humidifiers are known for being bulky, large, expensive machines that are mostly used to dispel the dry environment during the wintertime. Designer Kyuho Song has designed a portable straw humidifier with the purpose of being available anytime, anywhere. The design emulates the form of a drinking straw and works by being put into any glass of water. straw-humidifier-001.jpg During the winter, the prevalence of dryness can affect the skin, the respiratory system, and the moistness of our eyes. This kind of environment can provoke asthma patients and children especially, emphasizing the need for a humid environment. The Straw Humidifier is an innovative solution that is small, portable, and effective. The humidifier’s charging port uses a USB and can be charged using a computer or mobile device. straw-humidifier-002 The apparatus’ filter does not need to be replaced as it directly sprays clean water. It uses the technology of cavitation that occurs when ultrasonic waves vibrate 120,000 times per second to maintain cleanliness. The creation of such a simple, innovative, and usable product could prove to be effective in European climates which are fraught with cold weather. The Straw Humidifier falls into the one of the core design philosophies of “democratic design”, which are products of quality and affordability.

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