Portable Parklet By WMB Studio

Sometimes it is hard to find a little oasis in the concrete jungle. I don’t mean overcrowded patios in the summer season, but just a pit-stop, a quick place to sit and to not be reminded of the busy world around us. Parklets are definitely a rare find. However, WMB Studio has created this oasis, just across the pond in the UK. Their design features a miniature modular park that adds a bit of life to the sidewalk. This portable parklet is the first of its kind to add some life to London streets. parkletwmb-1 With a vibrant and eye catching design, this parklet is more than just a seating area with some added greenery. It is also enforced with technology that monitors air quality and feeds this data back to a collection complied by Kings College London to monitor pollution levels. Designed by a London and Liverpool based studio, the parklet is part of Team London Bridge’s Fresh Air Squares which is an initiative designed to improve local environmental awareness. The parklet took one year to be installed and the mobile green space fills the length of two parking spaces in the heart of London, therefore bringing awareness to vehicular pollution in the city. parkletwmb-2 The parklet is installed near the popular London Bridge on Tooley street and features a vibrant red- zigzag design built with untreated scaffolding boards to showcase the natural texture of the material. An accompanying red color is painted on the sides of each board to help create and highlight the shifting pattern from a close up perspective. parkletwmb-3 The parklet is meant to provide an element where design meets purpose.The blending of the plant slots with the bench provides an extension of the sidewalk which bleeds into the busy city streets creating a different space. WMB is also responsible for some work done on Toronto’s Waterfront last year by converting a lifeguard outpost into a series of bright red swings during the winter. Projects like this and the city parklet are meant to make use of a space for a positive impact while encouraging social interactions. parkletwmb-4 Each section of the bench as well as the plant pots are easily adaptable if it were to change locations. On November 20th, the parklet celebrates its one year anniversary on the city streets but this is only the first of three Fresh Air Squares that will be added to the London Bridge area. The WMB Studio designs are definitely ones to be on the lookout for as they are often vibrant and useful while promoting a positive message about the environment.

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