Portable Iron: Folds Into A Slim Box

The Portable Iron is an ingenious design to keep clothes wrinkled-free during trips. The convenience of maintaining freshly pressed shirts on the go is often lost when traveling. However, with this compact foldable iron designed by Apostol Tnokovski, avid travelers will be able to carry and use an iron without hassle. 2 Tnokovski is keen in creating products that are futuristic in design and the Portable Iron is no different. The slim box is equipped with a smooth rail mechanism, so once opened it creates handles and transforms into an iron in seconds. Even though the portable product won’t be able to iron clumps of clothes, it is still useful for travelers that don’t carry that amount of clothing. Thanks to the small design, individuals living in tight spaces will also be able to enjoy the convenience of a compact foldable iron. Granted, they don’t have massive loads to iron. 3 The iron is able to operate both ways: standard electrical power and battery. This allows the user to be able to use the iron when there is no electrical outlet available. The compact foldable design of this iron is an elegant solution to a traveler or space saver’s problems of having a bulky and inconvenient iron.

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