Pono Board: Fitness Motion Balance Board

Looking for some more balance in your life? Juggling work, being at home, raising a family, and more, we often forget to set time apart for ourselves. The Pono Board, created by Pono Ola, helps you balance your body, mind, and life- successfully helping you find your core, while exercising it too! The Pono Board’s Micro Motion base allows the user to shift back and forth, and side to side, while staying parallel to the ground. This exercise board eliminates most of the “see saw” movement that is found in other exercise boards. Instead, the Pono Board mimics movement found on the beach: where the sand represents a dynamic and versatile surface. Exercising on the sand is more challenging than exercising on flat ground because it requires your body to try and stabilize itself more. Use the board while doing the dishes, watching TV, or working at your desk. The Pono Board can also be incorporated into Yoga and cross training sessions. Anyone is able to use it, almost anywhere! Using the board doesn’t require an intense level of concentration, making it convenient to use daily in your busy life. The board comes in two colours: the natural bamboo deck, which is a natural and light wood colour, or the carbon bamboo deck, which is a slightly darker, more orange colour. The balls come in two colours: cool grey or lotus mint. Choose the best combination for you or for a friend! The Pono Board has a sleek, modern look fit with a clean, smooth, surface. Made from sustainably harvested bamboo, it can be used barefoot and has an organic feel. For more information, check out their Kickstarter, or watch the video below!

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