Point: A Friendly Alarm

Some home alarms can be confusing, intrusive or even just annoying. Point is the alarm that makes it easy for the user to be aware of their home. The device uses environmental sensors and machine learning to let you know of any outstanding events in the home. The alarm is installed with a simple click, which makes it easy for you to place on your own. It can sense movement and presence, window breaks, smoke, rapid temperature change, mold risk, humidity, noise levels, tampering and more. If Point detects an odd change, they’ll send you a notification through the app. Knowing these things means you’re completely aware of what’s going on at home, whether you’re there or not. What makes Point so great is that it connects to your smartphone so you’re always in control. You’re given the opportunity to accept any notification or send a warning to whom you choose — even people who don’t live in the home or have the app can receive a text notification! You can also turn some settings off from the palm of your hand to halt notifications. Point is available for use on iOS and Android devices. The artificial intelligence and internal processing means Point isn’t intrusive and is very effective. You no longer have to have cameras on you to feel safe, and it starts to understand your busy schedule within days! You typically need one device per 50 square metres of your home. A small apartment will do with just one Point, a medium apartment needs two, and a large house will need roughly four devices for maximum protection. If you’re interested in getting Point to feel more secure in your home, check it out here.

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