PocketLab Air: Measure What’s in Your Air

It is hard to be alive in the twenty-first century and not know about the less-than-ideal spot we have put our planet in. The condition of the environment due to pollution is a hot topic; and deservedly so. We should all make steps to understand how we have an effect on the environment and how we can prevent further damage. Both of these goals are tackled by Clifton Roozeboom and his company, PocketLab, with their device: the PocketLab Air; measure what’s in your air. The PocketLab Air is an excellent tool for helping everybody to understand our effect on the environment, and possibly a step towards contributing to a solution however small it may be. With the device you can measure carbon dioxide, ozone, particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10), temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and light. Despite all of the data metrics that are measurable on the device, it is made to be easy enough for a ten year old to operate and still viable for a researcher’s purposes. All of the data measured by your PocketLab Air can be delivered via Bluetooth up to seventy-six meters away and accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can create maps showing the air quality data you collected. With thirty thousand data points of storage, you can gather all data fields for a continuous twenty-four hours; and more on low power mode. Because of the PocketLab Air’s portable size and durability, you can attach it to weather balloons and drones to get quality data without worrying about your tech. This versatility allows for more targeted and creative means of data collection. Take PocketLab Air on your commute to work, on your daily hike, use it for a school project, or use it in your professional life. Each device comes with a molded protective carrying case and accessories so bringing your cool tech is never a burden or hassle. As an incentive to help out the environment even more, there are missions that can be embarked upon with your PocketLab. This idea makes aiding research fun and more effective because of the increased potential for multiple data points. To find out more and get your very own PocketLab, visit their Kickstarter. Help the planet and our future.

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