PodPad: Modern Workstation

A highly streamlined workstation is unobtrusive, stylish, and efficient for small spaces. Matt Raphael, founder of Portland-based Ruphus, meticulously crafted this wall work station to provide the essential office space with keen integration for your technology. podpad-03-a Its ‘Mondrian’esque design features a 4.5 inch profile in walnut or white that mounts to the wall with an included french cleat. The PodPad offers the fundamental work area for your laptop and storage for paper, files and writing utensils, all neatly compartmentalized and stacked behind seamless doors. podpad-02-a The docking station for your iPhone or your iPod is cleverly framed by the closed PodPad unit and smartly connects to an integrated audio system. The PodPad also accommodates the option for a wireless speaker. podpad-01 Ruphus provides customized PodPad options allowing personalized images to be printed on or cut in to the wood on the face front; another attractive alternative to blend this workspace as an art piece in the home. podpad-04

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