POD Tent: Perfect Family Camping

They say the more the merrier, but accommodating a large number of people on a camping trip is much more likely to make you mad than merry. Now, that task has become a ways easier thanks to the POD Tent Maxi from POD. POD-Tent-01 With only 8 identical poles that attach together using a simple attachment, the POD tent is easy for a couple of novices to assemble within fifteen minutes. POD-Tent-07 At five meters wide, the base POD tent can hold eight people comfortably. For those who like a touch of privacy, POD offers attachable inner sleeping cells that separate sections of the tent from the communal sleeping area. POD-Tent-03 Thanks to its modular design, multiple PODs can be connected together via tunnel sections, allowing you and your friends to create the sort of outdoor compound you always dreamt of as a child. POD-Tent-04 Made of high-quality Ripstop polyester flammability to ISO6941, the POD can withstand harsh weather conditions.  Even still, we do advise that you check the forecast before setting out on your outdoor adventure. POD-Tent-06 In any case, never struggle with putting together a tiny tent again, let alone struggling to fit into one, thanks to this magnificent camping innovation.

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