Pod 3: World’s First Modular GPS Tracker

Initially, it was designed to be a pet tracker. Now, its latest version is a GPS tracker that can track anything. From big items to miscellaneous objects to your pets, Pod 3 is the world’s first modular GPS tracker that you can customize to cater to your specific needs. Pod-3-specifications-07 Pod Trackers began two years ago when the company started up on the Kickstarter website for Pod, which was the original tracker that prevented your beloved pets from going missing. The idea came when the founder experienced the devastation of losing his cat Rango. “We recognize the need for technology to connect people with the things they care about the most.” The company said on its funding page. Pod-3-Rango-06 Pod 3 will not only track your pets, it will track any items like your daily necessities (bikes, keys, purses, phones, etc.) and even objects as big as boats! Pod-3-08 Recognized as the world’s most trusted GPS tracker, according to Pod Trackers, Pod 3 will find, protect, monitor, and record anything you task it to keep track of. Pod-3-09 Pod 3 does use cellular network (or Wi-Fi) to function but Pod Tracker has provided its users with extremely reasonable data plans. See below. Pod-3-data-plans-02 The GPS Tracker connects via Bluetooth to an app that is available for both Apple and Android users. New features of the app include location history, custom refresh rate, and multiple virtual fences. This means that you can set up multiple safe zones so Pod 3 will know that they are safe areas. The tracker app also has a Web browser version so you can check up on your objects on a computer. Pod-3-app-05 Designed to be multi-functional, Pod 3 is more than just a GPS tracker. It has a modular system that offers numerous add-ons. Modular features of this two-inch tall tracker are as follows:
  • Power Dock
  • XL battery
  • Light
  • Sound: produces a 90dB beep that can be heard from over 30 metres away
  • Ultrasonic: activates a high frequency sound wave that can only be heard by animals and pests
Pod-3-modular-systems-01 Pod 3 will be available at Best Buy, PetSmart, Petco, Argos, Pets at Home, Petbarn, and on the Amazon website.

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