Pocketnote: The Endless Pocket Notebook

In this age of overwhelming technology, we take pictures of notes, use our phones to set reminders and download apps to schedule appointments, meetings and, ultimately, plan our lives. But with so much technology distracting us, it’s easy to forget the things we note digitally. In fact, many studies on note taking reveal that bringing pen to paper and physically writing your notes is the best way to remember them. Pocketnote, a pocket notebook and planner, makes remembering your notes, thoughts, lists, goals, and reminders easier than ever. The idea is a simple one: if you can remember what you have to do, you’re more likely to do it! pocketnote-01 Created by Christian Madsen, Pocketnote is a detachable and customizable notebook that comes in six different layouts that you can switch around anyway you like. The layouts include lined, plain, gridded, lists, double lists and a weekly planner. pocketnote-06 Finally get things done using Pocketnote list cards to create checklists and to-dos, such as shopping lists, using the boxes on the left to mark the items you’ve picked up. You can also make new routines, set weekly tasks and monitor your habits with Pocketnote planner cards, which contain seven boxes in the right side for checkmarks and the seven boxes in the bottom for weekdays or dates. If you lean towards a more visual representation of ideas, try Pocketnote plain to draw mind maps and visually brainstorm ideas. pocketnote-04 Pocketnote cards and Pocketnote covers are bound together with a detachable binding screw in the top left corner. The Pocketnote binding screw gives this notebook several unique features compared to traditional ones. With Pocketnote, you can effortlessly change cards, reorganize them, store them and even replace the covers. This design makes browsing your notes and sourcing a specific one easy, saving time and energy better spent propelling your thoughts in to action. pocketnote-02 At 10.6 centimetres by 6.35 centimetres, Pocketnote is available in 30 colours and is a great tool for crafting lists, plans, goals and ideas. Like the thoughts in your brain, Pocketnote is endless so take action and bring your thoughts to life with this detachable, refillable pocket notebook! pocketnote-07

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