Pocket Kitchen: Create Your Own Miniature Food!

Wish you could keep food forever? Want to preserve that picture-perfect Instagram food photo? Well, now you can with Pocket Kitchen! Build your own miniature food sculptures! Indulge in finding your own creative style¬†while making some of your favourite food items! It’s up to you to decide what to do with it after. You can wear it as jewelry, accessorize it, play with it, or simply display it! The choice is ultimately yours. Immortalize your love of food through this highly-rewarding process of making your own food. Although the sculptures are inedible, Pocket Kitchen is a wonderful way to stimulate your creativity while exercising your love of arts and crafts. Find your inner peace and relax while Pocket Kitchen helps you realign your focus, easing your worries of the day off of your shoulders. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never crafted before because Pocket Kitchen includes almost everything you need! Your set will include as follows:
  • A USB flash drive containing 12 miniature food video tutorials
  • 8 sets of Premo! Sculpey polymer clay
  • Set of Pocket Roller with 5 pairs of levellers with differing heights
  • 2 ceramic tiles as working surfaces
  • 50ml bottle of FIMO liquid gel
  • 10ml bottle of FIMO gloss varnish
  • 2 brushes
  • Set of pastel chalks
  • Various shaping tools
  • Set of 5 metal circular cutters
  • Accessories to help you create jewelry
  • Acrylic roller
  • Strip of blue tack
  • Piece of aluminum foil
  • Piece of sandpaper
The food items that you can create using the recipe and tutorial includes a donut, ice cream in a cone, a hot dog, assorted breads, an ice blended drink, a rainbow cake, frosted animal cupcakes, a cheeseburger, a gingerbread house, a Christmas logcake, macarons, and a ham and cheese sandwich! For more information on Pocket Kitchen, visit their website, or view the video below!

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